He died over a year ago but his family waited until just last week to post an obituary.  It appeared in last Thursday’s Denver Post announcing a memorial for Michael Blanchard, a man known as “Flathead”.

Blanchard died of colon cancer and while he was ill he wrote up a draft of how he wanted his obituary to appear.  His family made a few changes, but basically kept it intact.

He was remembered as a stubborn man who loved booze, younger women and cars "until the day that he died."  His eulogy says he died "as a result of being stubborn and refusing to follow doctors' orders and raising hell for more than six decades."

He was a cat lover and his cat "Chopper" was listed as one of his sons.  Childhood friends were described as having grown up to become criminals, prostitutes, and/or Democrats.

Since it appeared in the Denver Post the obituary has gone viral.

His memorial was held on Saturday.  It recommended that children not attend because the stories would probably contain adult material.

You can read his full obituary here.