It's bullying taken to the next level.  As if bullying fellow students wasn't bad enough, the video below shows a busload of middle school punks who continue to yell insults at their school bus aide until they make her cry. They call her fat; they call her a troll.  They ask her why she's sweating, and when she explains she's crying, they accuse her of crying because she misses her box of Twinkies.

I'm sorry to say that this group of middle school students is from Greece, N.Y., a Rochester suburb.  But such an incident could -- and does -- happen everywhere.  No matter how many young people commit suicide because they just can't take it anymore, and no matter how many seminars, assemblies and counseling sessions address the issue, it continues to happen.  But bullying an adult? It's an outrage.

This video was shot by one of the students on the bus and probably ended up online because they thought it was funny. And maybe some immature students still think it's funny. You have to wonder why. What is it about insulting or making fun of someone else that makes some people feel good?

I'll warn you that the language is disgusting.  But maybe this can be used as a learning tool for parents to teach their kids the effects of such behavior. It runs about 10 minutes long, but you'll get the idea in the first minute or so. I couldn't watch it to the end.