You may have heard of Zac Brown Band's "Eat & Greets".  It's Zac Brown's version of a "Meet & Greet" only he feeds you.  It's something really cool that he's been trying out on some select audiences and now he's taking it to a bigger scale with a 3 day music/food festival.

He's always wanted to give fans more entertainment for their buck and now he's got the platform to do that.  It's 3 days long from October 21-23 at Riley Park in Charleston, South Carolina.  Chef's will be feeding a couple hundred VIP's at the show throughout the day.

He's also taking over all the concessions at the park.  By doing so, he'll make sure that the fans are not only getting quality entertainment, but also quality food.

"This is real wine and real food," Brown said. "It's not just what's cheap. It's not a $12 bag of nachos with some Cheez Whiz on them."

If you're looking for a lineup, you'll have to wait.  That will be released at a later date.