There is a plane that is flying above Buffalo with a cracked windshield that has 184 people on it.

UPDATE: The plane has made the emergency landing safely.

According to the Erie County Blotter Facebook page, which is a citizen, unofficially ran page, there is an emergency happening above Buffalo, New York.

"Cheektowaga - Alert 2/Alarm 3 for a Aircraft with a Cracked Windshield. 184 Ppl On Board.
Update: Aircraft has landed safely", according to the post.

According to the post, it seems as though the pilots noticed the windshield within seconds. The plane departed 26 seconds in when the report came out that it was coming back to the airport. The flight headed to Jacksonville, Florida was expected to arrive just after 8 AM on Monday morning.

It is important to note that these updates and reports come from someone who loves listening to the police/airport scanner for updates and things happening around Western New York. These are not offical police reports that are coming across social media. These reports are simply just intercepted conversations from scanner radios.

In February there was a scary situation when a door fell off of a small aircraft in Western New York. Experts think that the door could have fallen off somewhere in Cheektowaga specifically around Stiglmeier/Losson Park by the corner of Losson and Borden. As of today, the door has still yet to be found. The door was a cargo door, not the passenger or pilot's door. There were only 2 people on the plane.

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