For many viewers, the Oscars are are chance to snark and make fun of everything that happens on stage (and can you blame ‘em?). But then the “In Memoriam” segment comes around and reduces even the most cynical person to puddle of bubbling tears. The 2015 Oscars “In Memoriam” is no different, offering a whirlwind tour through a year’s worth of beloved people who passed away. Get ready ... it’s about to get a little dusty in here.

As usual, the montage of names and faces runs the gamut from major movie stars to behind-the-scenes geniuses. The big names this year included modern icons like Robin Williams, vital filmmakers like Mike Nichols, silver screen legends like Lauren Bacall, and notable character actors like Eli Wallach. But there so many more. Brilliant performers like Bob Hoskins and Rod Taylor. Multimedia visionaries like Maya Angelou. Make-up revolutionary Dick Smith. H.R. Geiger, the man who designed the title creature in Alien. (Though strangely, no Joan Rivers?)

The montage was followed by a beautiful performance by Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson, which gave everyone in the audience (and everyone at home) a chance to wipe away those tears. Feel free to click play on the video above a little later when no one is looking.

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