3600 Escape is a new member to the Buffalo Escape Room scene. They are located on Hertel Avenue just down the street from the hustle and bustle of all the bars and restaurants. The name comes from the time you get in escape rooms, 3600 seconds. With one room open and two on the way, this is the perfect location to make a night of fun for family and friends.

The current room open is called "Conspiracy Theory" and it is a doozy.

"It is a scandal of national proportions.
Conspiracy theorists, including you and your friends, are working frantically to expose who or what is behind this scandal.  You decide to meet at your friend Joe's apartment to share your latest theories.  When you arrive you notice his apartment door is open, but Joe is nowhere to be found. Something has happened.  Joe is missing.  You find yourself standing in his apartment when you realize the door has locked behind you. Something does not feel right.  You begin to look around and realize one of your conspiracy theories may just be true. Where is Joe?  Is he in trouble?  Sometimes conspiracies are real. Sometimes paranoia is justified." (3600escape.com)

This is one of the harder rooms that I have done. Usually you have trouble but eventually can work your way through after with revisit and regroup. On this one we were stuck for awhile even after we were given a clue.

Clues can add time to your total time, but we were presented with three free clues at the beginning by checking into the business on Facebook. Even using all three clues we were only able to make it 60% of the way.

In an interesting twist we were offered two options: they could walk us through the rest of the puzzle OR we could return at a discounted rate to try again. Naturally, we are returning!

I did ask what their success rate was and they said a range of 45%-65% (they ended up adjusting some of the puzzles because it was too hard). If I could use one word to describe my experience it would be "frustrating" BUT in a good way. This one challenged us and left us stumped till the very last second. If you're up for a good puzzle this is the room for you!

3600 Escape
1643 Hertel Ave
Buffalo, NY 14216
P: 716-768-8850


Price: $20-$25 (Varies depending on size of group)

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