If you're not playing Pokémon Go, you may be one of the few. Even if you have no clue what you're doing (like me) it is still a little fun to be a Pokémon trainer. This morning there were about eight Pokémon in the WYRK studios alone!

Whether you're annoyed by it or not, it is getting people off the couch and out into the world. Yes, they still maybe looking at their phones but at least their step count is going up! I will say that if you are playing – pay attention to the world around you and not just to the one through your screen!

What is a Pokéstop?

If you're new to the game or just don't really know what you're doing, a Pokéstop can help you in your quest for more Pokémon. You'll normally find them attached to statues, churches, historic buildings and even public buildings; and they will be loaded with things like Pokéballs, snacks and other treats that will help you in your quest. Bottom line – this will help you NOT have to spend money to play the game.

So where are some of the hot Pokéstops in the Buffalo area?

  • 1


    On Twitter we heard that there were TONS of people playing! One person reports 10 Pokéstops with in 20 feet!

  • 2

    UB Campus

    Both North and South Campus are full of them. Heads up on North campus: there is a spot near Baird/Slee with a rumored four Pokéstop that you can hit at once!

  • 3

    Birchfield Park in West Seneca

    Just keep making the loop around the trails because it's been reported that there are about 20 Pokéstops here plus three gyms!

  • 4

    Niagara Falls

    Looks like Pokémon love the falls. Some tips: Head down to the shops and restaurants and you'll find four Pokéstops! Also, it's reported that the Whirlpool has five Pokéstops and two Gyms.

  • 5

    Delaware Park + The Buffalo Zoo

    Reports of lots of "glowing faces" in the evening at Delaware Park. The Zoo also has MANY Pokéstops and a ton of Pokémon.

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