We know there are several reasons to love Western New York, but hearing why other people love it always has the ability to make us proud. 

When you live in Western New York or you grew up here, there is a sense of pride that comes with that. People know Buffalo as “the City of Good Neighbors” or the place that gets crushed with snow every winter, but we’re much more than that. 

Adam Sandler realizes that, and he shared one of the reasons why he loves Buffalo during his show at KeyBank Center this weekend. 

“I hate when people say ‘you’re welcome,’” Sandler said during his performance. “You don’t do that in Buffalo.” 

Sandler told us on Sunday night that you’re welcome makes it sound like the act of kindness just performed was owed to that person. While the phrase “you’re welcome” may be used with politeness, it can sometimes be perceived as rude, entitled, insincere, etc., and that’s the vibe that Adam Sandler gets when he hears the phrase “you’re welcome.” 

That’s why he loves coming to Buffalo because we don’t say “you’re welcome,” but rather we say other things. Adam Sandler listed off a few responses he heard during his time in Western New York this weekend, including “no problem,” “happy to help,” “no worries,” and some others. 

However, Sandler did say that he noticed there is at least one instance when a Western New Yorker will say that condemned phrase of “you’re welcome.” 

“The only time someone from Buffalo says you’re welcome [is when] someone doesn’t say thank you,” Sandler said. 

In that case, I think the phrase should do exactly what Sandler says it does – sound snarky. I mean, if you don’t say “thank you,”  you might deserve to be a little called out. 

During Sandler’s performance at KeyBank Center, Rob Schneider and Kevin James made a surprise guest appearance and the crowd went crazy, but it’s no secret that these three have been friends over the years. After all, they have worked on multiple projects together and have been known to goof around with each other. 

Remember one time Adam Sandler prank called Kevin James on Late Night with Conan O’Brien? You can see that below. 

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