I know we won't be seeing any bees around here for a few months but there was an interesting study done in Great Britain that found that one of the things bees use to find the sweetest nectar is bright color.  It's how they're able to decide which flowers have sugar water rather than salt water.  How can that be applied to modern bee keeping and honey making?  Maybe it'll be used to determine what kinds of flowers to be planted near apiaries.  But the most amazing thing about the study was that it was done by 8 to 10 year old kids.  They were guided by their teachers, but the study, how it was done, the results and their conclusions were all by the kids.  Scientists say a study like this one had never been done before.  They were so impressed with it the study was published in the British science journal Biology Letters.  How many seemingly silly studies have been funded with hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in government money?  How about just sending those studies to grade school kids?  Check out the complete article here:              Bumble Bee Study

Source: AOL