Earlier this month a Buffalo woman reported owing more than $1300 in tolls, fees, and fines from the new Grand Island cashless toll system. Today, a man from Niagara Falls has his own story of tolls gone wrong.

John Oravec of Niagara Falls, used the Grand Island bridge to travel to downtown Buffalo 24 times, according to the Buffalo News, a trip that would normally cost $1 each time. He tells the Buffalo News that he saw the bills come in the mail, but ignored them for some time.

By the time he got around to paying the bill, the initial amount ballooned into a $1224.00 charge.

He was charged a $50 late fee for each toll that went unpaid, in this case, Oravec was charged a $50 penalty 24 times, says the Buffalo News.

And what if Oravec hadn't caught up with his bill when he did? The Buffalo News reports "If tolls remain unpaid, a motorist can face going to collections and having their registration suspended."

The Buffalo News reports that the Thruway Authority granted a one-time courtesy to settle the unpaid tolls with Oravec for less than the over $1K he was initially charged.