Get ready! It is possible that by Monday our April showers may turn to snow showers. The National Weather Service has issued a WINTER STORM WARNING for our area. We Buffalonians know this isn't anything new. As a matter of fact it's part of Buffalo history!I found this article from the Buffalo Evening News from 1901, April 20!

The worst April snow storm since the local Weather Office was established began yesterday morning and is still raging. Between 7 and 8 inches of snow have fallen and the downfall shows no sign of abating.

The article mentions pole down and telegraph transmissions "demoralized!" As a matter of fact, the milk man almost got killed!!

The police report that a milk dealer, whose they have not learned, had a narrow escape from being instantly killed at Normal Avenue and Connecticut street shortly after 8 o'clock this morning. The milk dealer was driving past the corner when a telephone wire fell on the horse's head. The animal fell to the street dead. The milkman jumped from his wagon and several pedestrians urged him not to go near it. The horse remained on the corner until telephone linemen came and removed the wire. A policeman is now guarding the crossing.

When (if) we get the snow Monday, don't be so mad, it could be worse, your milk at least will still get through and you are witnessing a piece of what makes Buffalo so unique and a lil taste of what the people of Buffalo have been dealing with for over 110 years!