Since the TV show has gotten so popular, here is a little test to see if you are in fact a hoarder or perhaps know a hoarder.

Everyone knows someone who blames a messy home on being too busy or sentimental? However, they could have a more serious condition. Experts from Hoarders on A&E offer tips to spot the warning signs:

• Hoarders have difficulty or are unable to get rid of furniture, clothing, toys or other items

• Large amounts of clutter in the office or at home make it difficult to use furniture or appliances, or move around easily

• Hoarders consistently lose important items like money, school permission slips or medical forms

• They feel overwhelmed by possessions that have "taken over" the house or workspace

• Hoarders excuse their purchases by saying they're buying things because they're a bargain or to stock up

• They avoid inviting family or friends home due to shame or embarrassment