Auto-tune may be popular with some artists, but it's not on the must-have list for Big & Rich. They focus on authentically doing their best instead of relying on tuning to keep them on pitch.

“Auto-tune’s on everything just about,” Rich tells Broadway’s Electric Barnyard. “I don’t know if listeners know what that is, but if somebody sings a little sharp or a little flat, it makes the note go exactly where it’s supposed to be”

A widely-accepted tool in Nashville, the Boot reports that even established artists like Tim McGraw, Sara Evans and Rascal Flatts rely on the device to keep their vocals up to snuff. Meanwhile, other singers like Martina McBride, Vince Gill and Trisha Yearwood forgo auto-tuning in favor of delivering according to their talent and capabilities.

And Big & Rich include themselves on the latter list. If their harmonies are spot on, it's because they've practiced a lot, not because they're using the tuning device. The band will not be relying on auto-tune -- well, ever, says John Rich.

“The thing with Big & Rich, we’re singing together the whole time, so you can’t really do auto-tune on us," he says. "We ebb and flow with each other -- that Big & Rich buzz between our vocals that happens, is just a thing. You don’t mess with that."

"We never have been concerned about perfection," the singer adds. "We just want to have that buzz, and make sure the soul is right about what we do."

The 'Party Like Cowboyz' hitmakers may not always sound perfect, but that's not their goal. As long as they keep pumping out their rowdy hits, fans will keep loving their music -- imperfections and all.

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