The Buffalo Bills 2012 schedule has been released and fans are eagerly awaiting the season.  Many people are already planning their vacation days based on the Sunday home games.  Personally, I enjoy the games more from a bar or my couch.  OK...getting back to the 2012 schedule...At 1st glance here are my predictions for the season....1. @Jets-L- For some reason I see the Bills losing this one.  It's a big opening home game for the Jets with Tim "Superboy" Tebow on the squad now!

2. v. Kansas City-W- Bills bounce back in their home opener, but it won't be as easy as last year in Kansas City.  That team was decimated with injuries last year.  If the Bills win, it's not by much.

3. @Cleveland-W- This team is SUPPOSED to really suck....I say SUPPOSED TO, but who knows.  Still tho, a Bills win here.  2-1 so far!

4. v. New England-L- Our defense improved, but Brady and the boys get the best of the Bills here!  We'll get'em in New England!

5. @San Francisco-L- This team has proven that they might be Super Bowl caliber.  If it's snowing by this time...we might have a chance.  Otherwise, a very defensive minded game with the 49ers on top!

6. @Arizona-W- Bills again, bounce back with a win against a team who still can't figure out what to do with their quarterback.  Sound familiar?

7. Tennessee-W- The Titans could be a sleeper team and they just might surprise the Bills here, but I'm a homer and I gave the Bills a win!


9. @ Houston-L- many smart guy reporters and knowledgeable peeps around the league see Houston as one of the teams to beat this year.  Sorry Bills, we drop this one here :(

10. @New England-W-  I said it earlier, Bills get one back here and pull out a close win in New England.  New defense for the Bills is mad after New England whoops us earlier in the year.

11. v. Miami-W- The Dolphins come to Buffalo in what we hope will be a wintry day.  Bills squish them fish in a close win!

12. @Indianapolis-W- New quarterback, horrible team in 2011-  Bills win easily!

13. v Jacksonville-W- There have been too many games where the Jaguars beat us by a slim margin.  Bills win one here!

14. v. St. Louis-W- Holy cow! the Bills are putting together a little win streak.  St. Louis was bad last year, but as I said an NFL roster changes by 20% each year.  Who knows, they might surprise us!

15. In Toronto--Seattle-L- At first I had the Bills winning here, but a 6 game win streak seems a little far fetched at this point.

16. @Miami-L- Yep, the Bills split the season series with the Dolphins.  Somehow the Fins pull one out here.

17. v. New York Jets-W- Bills get their revenge with a win against the two-headed beast Sanchez and Tebow...Or Sanbow...maybe Timchez!  LOL

FINAL RESULTS- 10-6    at worst 8-8