You've heard that they're remaking the movie 'Footloose'. You may have seen the trailer for the upcoming movie.  You probably heard that Blake Shelton has redone the theme song to the movie.  Now would you like to hear how it sounds?

According to Taste of the producers of the new film originally wanted to have a female voice sing the title song but after he campaigned enough, they went with his version.

“So they threw out ideas for some other songs for me, but I finally just  campaigned enough and whined about it enough that they said, ‘Why don’t  you cut it, and just let them hear your version?’” Shelton says. “So I cut it, gave it  to them and they wanted to go with mine. I really lucked out.”

To hear Blake's version for yourself, click here.

[Photo courtesy of flickr user tncountryfan]

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