This is why we love Blake Shelton. He took time out of his crazy schedule to help out and honor his good friend last night (Wednesday, January 29) in Charlotte, inducting him into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Of course, the "serious" speech was both emotional and funny:

People ask me all the time how I became a NASCAR fan, and my answer is always, man, I guess I was just born that way.  You see, my dad was a driver when I was a kid, not like y'all, but he raced on local tracks, stock cars, and what are the ones with the wing?  Okay, sprint cars but without the wing on them, that look like a sprint car, a midget.  I guess my dad raced midgets, okay.  You know what I'm talking about. See why I wrote this down?

Jarrett is a former racecar driver and is currently a commentator for racing. He won the 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup Series championship.