It looks like a one-time favorite shopping location could make a comeback to New York.

The Bon-Ton which had locations all across New York State is looking to come back but this time as an online retailer, for now.

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According to, The Bon-Ton is ready to launch its online store this summer and then re-open brick and mortar stores in 2023.

Bon-Ton closed 287 stores after filing for bankruptcy in 2018 and now it looks like name the brand store will be reopened by its new parent company BrandX.

BrandX was founded in 2021, and the company purchased several retailers including The Bon-Ton, Bergner’s, Boston Store, Carson’s, Elder-Beerman, Herberger’s, and Younkers.

The Bon-Ton's online store this summer will feature women's and men’s clothing, home & furniture, and accessories departments. A kid's department is expected to be added before the start of school to help parents with back-to-school shopping.

Coming up in February of 2023, BrandX is set to reopen a Bon-Ton brick-and-mortar store near Chicago and then would expand more brick-and-mortar stores throughout the year.

While you won't be able to walk in and shop as you use to in the old Bon-Tons across New York, you will have a chance to do some online shopping, and then hopefully sometime next year, the brick-and-mortar stores will reopen in New York.

I remember as a kid doing a lot of my back-to-school shopping with my mom at The Bon-Ton. She always used to say don't tell dad how much we put on the Bon-Ton charge card. haha

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