On Tuesday mornings we speak with Dan Chia Chia from Chia Chia and Flemming Attorneys. Dan specializes in personal injury cases and was able to give some advice on an issue that many drivers face at the end of winter in Western New York.

Potholes are formed when the surface of the road freezes, heaves and is either scraped by a plow or eroded from vehicles passing over. The problem with potholes is drivers try to avoid them to save the suspension on their vehicles.

Call it what you want to. Swerving, slaloming or dodging, it can be a hazard for pedestrians or other drivers when motorists try to get around these street craters.

As Dan explained on Tuesday morning, if you see a pothole that poses a risk, you should report it to the municipality and make them aware of the danger.

Potholes on Payne Ave. and Christiana St. in N. Tonawanda

Dale Mussen
Dale Mussen

Potholes on Seneca in West Seneca

Liz Mantel