Say goodbye to that Styrofoam coffee cup you drink from!

There is new legislation being proposed in Buffalo that would ban the use of these cups.

According to Metro Source News:

  The Common Council held a debate on the issue during its meeting last night.  Supporters of a ban say Styrofoam has been known to damage the environment, but some businesses say it could cost more money to find alternative food storage options.

A community development meeting on the topic will be held next Tuesday.

While I am not a fan of banning things, I do think something needs to be done to make people more aware of the affects of their trash on the environment. Litter bugs are one of my biggest pet peeves. Just drive around and take a look at all of the cups that end up along the side of the road. Especially at off ramps for some reason.

Perhaps it is not a ban that we need? Maybe it is fines that are more strict for littering or better education on the ways to recycle or reuse?

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