Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a late interception that the Tennessee Titans used to score the winning touchdown to beat the Buffalo Bills 35-34 at Wilson Stadium. There were a lot of reasons the Bills lost; the punter shanked a 22-yarder, the coach twice decided not to go for two points that would have tied the game. There were a lot of dumb decisions and poor plays in Sunday’s game, but when it comes down to it – the Buffalo Bills defense is the biggest culprit. They looked like Swiss cheese all game and it’s nothing new. They pretty much have all season long and that’s why they stand 3-4 heading into the bye week.

Titans’ running back Chris Johnson ran for 195 yards including an 83-yard touchdown where nobody touched him. That’s just awful defense and when you consider the talent the Bills have – it’s a coaching problem. You have 11 guys doing their own thing. They’re not playing team defense. You need somebody to mold them into a team and defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt has failed miserably. It’s all about results and the Bills aren’t getting them.

Other than the last four minutes of the game where he looked terrible, Fitzpatrick had a pretty good day going. He finished with 225 yards passing with 3 touchdowns. Freddy Jackson and C J Spiller were running the ball pretty well. There’s no way they should have lost that game, but the Bills defense just cannot make a big stop when they absolutely have to.

So now they get a couple of weeks to think about it. Next up is their bye week, then they head to Houston to play the Texans – a team that’s a pretty good bet to go to the Super Bowl.


Taylor Ribbon
Taylor Ribbon

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