Buffalo Bills fans, what do you think?

So Tom Brady might get suspended for Deflategate after all! Three New York judges heard testimony Thursday to decide if that denied suspension, which was decided back in 2015, for Brady could be opened back up and his role in the situation could be further looked into.

Everything went Brady's way during the investigation and appeal until Thursday where the case spent a long time in the U.S. Court of Appeals. Two judges who heard testimony for the case were not-so-much in favor for the New England quarterback. Oral arguments were held in front of the three judges and sources say that the conversations and judges really didn't look to favor Tom Brady.

It got worse for Brady though. There were questions about Brady destroying his cell phone, which his camp has long argued was moot because NFL investigators told them they didn't physically need it. "Brady's explanation made no sense," Judge Parker said, according to reports. "They weren't credible." There were questions about gifts given by Brady to locker room attendants being inducements", according to Yahoo.

No decision will come of this for months.