General manager Darcy Regier said last spring there would be suffering as the Buffalo Sabres rebuild with young players, with a Stanley Cup championship as their ultimate goal.

I never imagined the suffering would be this bad so early in the season.

The Sabres are now winless after five games in the 2013-14 season following a 4 to 1 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

All the scoring came early in the game, with Columbus scoring three in the first period and adding one more early in the second period, and the Blue Jackets controlled play the rest of the way. Thomas Vanek had the lone Buffalo goal, his second of the season.

The fans booed the Sabres off the ice at the end of the game for a thoroughly awful performance. Can the Sabres play any worse? I'm sure we'll see plenty more games like this for the rest of the season because this simply is not a very good hockey team. Too bad -- this city deserves much better than this.

What's scary is that they have the defending Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks up next on the schedule Saturday night in Chicago.