Camaron Ochs (better known as Cam) released her debut LP Untamed today, Dec. 11! The songstress burst onto the scene earlier this year. Her lead single "My Mistake" stalled at No. 52 on the Country Airplay Chart, but her second single "Burning House" shot up the charts, reaching No. 4 on Hot Country Songs, selling 560,000 copies and cracking Country Airplay's top 10.

The newcomer and California native co-wrote all 11 songs on her debut album, which includes "My Mistake" and "Burning House".

"I think it has this California country vibe to it," Cam said of Untamed, adding the album, which she has been working on for five years, has a lot of "little touches" you won't normally hear.

"Burning House", for example, has the sound of crackling fire in the background while another song has the sound of whiskey in a glass with ice cubes.

"You're going to enjoy so many layers of it as it goes through," she explained.

In the short amount of time Cam has been touring, she has become known for her refreshingly traditional country style. "Burning House" sets the 31-year-old apart from the other female artists currently being played on the airwaves. Unlike the party songs you would expect on a summer release from a female artist, "Burning House" is full of yearning and earthy tones.

Cam previously informed WYRK she has been told she sounds like Dolly Parton and that the "9 to 5" hitmaker is an inspiration of hers. And Cam's fusion of heartrending tones with modern pop beats on Untamed really showcases her connection to the legendary artist.

Cam is among the nominees for the 58th Grammy Awards Best Country Solo Performance. She was also nominated for an AMA earlier this year.

In January, Cam will join Brad Paisley's winter tour also featuring Eric Paslay. She is apparently a little nervous about the upcoming tour as it will not only be her first major-scale arena tour but Paisley is quite the notorious prankster.