Christmas Means Family, Presents, and...CANDY
Christmas without candy is like a Christmas tree without tinsel. And while in the tinsel world, at least in my little universe, it's blasphemous to put handfuls on at a the candy world, it's an absolute must!
While it may not seem like a big thing, almost 2 billion dollars gets sp…
Kelsea Ballerini Singing, Drinking Wine, and Dancing at Home
Buffalo favorite Kelsea Ballerini and friend (pop singer) Halsey were hanging out last night and pulled an impromptu...karaoke session? Hey, alcohol (wine) was involved, there was music, and they were singing along to it. If that's not karaoke, I don't know what is...
Buffalo's Winter Bucket List
With the snowfall over the past few days, it's time to admit it to ourselves; winter is here. But here are some things to do to enjoy winter in Buffalo.
Canalside Open for the Season, with a New Attraction
While Buffalo is still waiting for the real snow to hit, no one's waiting for the ice. Mostly because it's already here; the Ice at Canalside is now open for the season. The rink opened up this past Friday (11/23) to a packed crowd.
You can find the normal "ice fare"; ice …

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