We really enjoyed the acronym for the latest Cellino Plumbing & HVAC Nonprofit of the Month: EARS.

One of the coolest things about Empire Animal Rescue Society is that they are completely based in foster homes, so the animals you adopt from them will NEVER be in a pound or cage. All the cats and dogs directly go to a sweet home. I got to talk a bit to EARS leaders about how the all-volunteer organization juggles it all:

I love that they take all sorts of animals, anything that their foster families are willing and able to foster, they'll accept, including hamsters, hedgehogs and bunnies.

Their good work was recently highlighted through Cellino Plumbing & HVAC's monthly program to donate $500 to one deserving Western New York non-profit. After gathering submissions and having willing Western New Yorkers vote on the finalists, one organization is highlighted and selected to receive support from Cellino Plumbing & HVAC and, of course, from WYRK.

If you're looking to adopt a pet — from cats to dogs or something smaller — you can find more information and an application on their website here. If you're looking to relinquish an animal, the best way to reach them is by messaging them through their Facebook page, facebook.com/EmpireAnimalRescue.

And, of course, if you want to do your part to help this great organization, you can donate online via the button on their homepage: empirerescue.org.