I truly believe that people who live in the city are more prone to allergies than those who live in a more rural setting.  I grew up on farm in Michigan and don’t remember ever having trouble with allergies.  We would play for hours outside among fields of hey, oats straw you name it and I had no problems.  After moving to more populated areas over the years including where I live now I find that I’m dealing with allergies and sinus related problems. You know the saying ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’?  That may be true but what doesn’t kill you can sure make you miserable.  Researchers say people in the city are indoors more often so they’re not exposed to a diversity of bacteria which makes them defenseless of plant fumes, etc.   I guess it’s just the price of living in the city right?  I admit I’m miserable this time of year because of allergies but I wouldn’t trade the convenience of city for anything.  Yes I had a nice childhood on the farm but it was years before I was able to get a pizza delivered to the house or zip to a corner store within five minutes.  I’ll take the miserable allergies along with the city conveniences any day.

[source - thelmagazine]

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