Comfort food: it's food that just makes you feel warm inside. Maybe it's a food that literally warms the body, or perhaps it's a food that you had growing up that is nostalgic. It can also be a food that tastes amazing and only certain places do it the way you want it served.

There are absolutely no shortages of those spots in Buffalo and Western New York. In fact, there are probably "too" many of them if anything. Seriously, how many times do you debate with your spouse or friends of which restaurant to visit for lunch or dinner? There are so many choices, especially for comfort food.

Buffalo loves its bar food, wings, beef on weck and other great dishes that make Western New York so special.

Now that we're getting into the fall and winter, you can bet that Buffalonians will be visiting these spots over the next few months.

Here are 15 of the best spots in Western New York for comfort food.

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