Well the snow is finally here.  The season’s first major snowstorm arrived yesterday.  But in a city known virtually around the world as the snow capital, we really haven’t had much snow in the last  9 months. 

Last winter was the shortest snow season on record in the 126 year history of record keeping in Buffalo.  Last year there was no measurable snow during the months of November and March and that was the first time in history that ever happened.  The first measurable snow fell on December 1st and the last snowfall was on February 28th.  Isn’t it strange the first meaningful snowfall this season again was on December 1st?

I’ve lived here all of my life and I’ve never been a big fan of the snow.  Looks pretty, but we get too much of it sometimes.  There are some people that think it does nothing but snow here.  I bet some people arrive in the summer and think they’ve need a ski cap and gloves.  It probably all started with the famous Blizzard of ’77.  Yeah, it was pretty nasty.  70 mile an hour winds.  Bitter cold temperatures.  Wind chill readings of 60 below.  Some people were lucky enough to get stranded at work.  For others who tried to drive home, they found themselves in a blinding snowstorm and didn’t make it.  29 people died, either of carbon monoxide poisoning trying to keep themselves warm in their cars or of exposure, freezing to death.  There was a driving ban for a week.  No driving anywhere, anytime.  It took weeks to get things back to normal.  Worst storm I’ve ever experienced in my life and it made headlines all over the world.

So when we get a mild winter I have no problem with it at all.

Source: National Weather Service