I work in a business that depends on interaction. We want to hear from you. Whether it’s through phone calls, surveys or comments on our website, we love to interact.

Obviously this letter doesn’t go out to everyone. However, I’m not afraid to say it to the rest. We've all had a run in with them. They're people who just thrive on ruining other people's days. That being said...

Dear Trolls,

Yes, I'm talking to those of you who are ruining social media for everyone. You are the people who thrive on negativity. You are dark clouds in the world always ready to rain on someone else to make yourself feel better. You’re the bullies on the playground. But guess what: We know how tough you really are.

First of all, why in the world do you have this much time on your hands? Get your face out of your phone for a couple minutes, and go live your own life. Try this for just one day...instead of commenting on other people’s statuses and well-written articles, go out and write your own. Live your own life.

Second of all, you need to learn two words. They are: respect and boundaries. Any boundaries that you wouldn’t cross in real life should not be crossed on the internet. Just because you can write how you feel about someone doesn’t mean you necessarily should. That’s where the respect comes in. Filter it! We can respect that you have a different opinion. However, when there is no tact in your statement, your thought loses its shine a bit. There is a difference between being opinionated and being tactless. Unfortunately, when people are both opinionated and also tactless, we often find you to be the product.

Is it really possible to win an argument on the internet? I mean, is there a trophy or prize money awarded to the person who has the most negative comments? Does it really make you feel that good to get under someone’s skin like that? And honestly, since when is your perspective that important? I’ll be honest. It’s not to me.

Finally, please learn how to spell. Trying to decipher messages from you in what looks to be a cryptic language is driving me crazy.

If you’re the person who is trying to ruin my day, I won’t surround myself by you in my life, and I won’t even recognize you on the internet. If I have anything to do with it, you will disappear from any pages that I ever visit completely. Because we don’t care about you anymore. Chances are, we simply don’t agree. You have the right to that. But I’m tired of thinking that the world is full of bad people. There are so many good people out there that I’m not going to let your uneducated, ignorant comments take up anymore of my time. So save them for someone else.


The rest of the world

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