This one will have opinions on both sides of the fence, as the New York State Assembly passed the Dream Act on Tuesday, which would allow illegal immigrants access to tuition assistance programs, which is a pot of about $25 million.

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Those who support the measure said it is the right thing to do and would open opportunities for young people who immigrated to the country as children, but work and pay taxes like legal citizens. Coming on the heels of Cuomo's plan to offer free college classes to prisoners, opponents said the bill is unfair to those who struggle to make ends meet while providing for higher education.

One side of the fence is saying that it is wrong for this to pass. Hard-working New Yorkers who "play by the rules" end up doing some much work and have massive student loans.

On the other side, supporters say that just because they came to this country when they were young and are an "illegal immigrant", they should not be denied the same benefits as others, especially when they pay taxes like a normal New York resident.

What do you think?