What's being called a massive solar storm has been bombarding earth with radiation since Sunday and will continue for a few more days.  Scientists are calling it the biggest solar storm in more than six years but you won't see or feel any of the effects. 

A solar flare on Sunday evening at 11 began sending radiation in our direction at a speed of 93-million miles and hour.  The biggest concern is for the disruption of communication satellites and especially radio communication with planes that fly polar routes.  Electrical grid systems could also be disrupted just as one in Quebec was in 1989.

Solar flares can also cause problems for astronauts but scientists say that because of the particular type of this storm, the astronauts in the International Space Station won't have to take any special precautions.

The radiation from this solar storm is considered strong, but there are two levels higher - severe and extreme.  

And if it was clear enough, beginning tonight we could see one of nature's great light shows - the northern lights.

SOURCE: Huffington Post Science

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