Easter is this Sunday, and many people will be attending church services, painting eggs, going on egg hunts, eating chocolate and spending time with family.  Here are a few tidbits about some of the foods we consume on the holiday.

Did you know that Americans, as a whole, fork over nearly 1.9 billion dollars on Easter candy each year?

Jelly beans (which we typically eat on the holiday) were first sold by a candy maker from Boston named William Schrafft.  He promoted them as delicious little treats for soldiers fighting in the Civil War. According to statistics, Americans consume nearly 15 million jelly beans at Easter.

The delicious chocolate bunny -- who can resist it or finish it in one sitting?  A recent survey says that 74 percent of kids attack the chocolate ears of the bunny first.  13 percent eat the hippity hoppity feet first. Only 10 percent munch off the tail first.

The marshmallow Peeps company is based out of Bethlehem, Penn. and pumps out 4 million peeps each day.  In 1953, it took 27 hours to make one peep.  Today -- just 6 minutes.