I was checking out the Buffalo News website today and they had a story about farming in Erie County.It's good news.For it continue, the farmers need your support.I find it infuriating to hear stories about people who move into rural areas an complain about smell, dirt or noise coming from farms.First, farmers have been there for years. Second, what did you expect when you moved into a farm community.  Not to get too high on my soap box.But we have to find ways to save farms in our area.The more we rely on food from other countries the bigger the long lasting problem we have.One last thing, why is it that government steps in during fuel price crises but not milk prices?

Here is the article from the Buffalo News Monday 3/21/11...

Erie County, in addition to anchoring the state's second-largest metropolitan area, is also a leading agricultural county. The Erie County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board and the Erie County Department of Environment and Planning are looking for suggestions to keep it that way. They're hosting a public meeting on the future of farms and food in Erie County at 7 p.m. in Cornell Cooperative Extension office, 21 S. Grove St., East Aurora. The county is in the early stages of a planning process that would set up rules to support farming and protect farmland in the future. Reservations are not required

Here is a video of Montgomery Gentry performing Daddy Won't Sell The Farm!