At one point in our lives, we've all walked into Bar Bill in East Aurora and have asked 'how do you get a mug up there?' Well, anyone can get a mug--but, there's a waiting list.

Once you get your name on the mug and you're on the wall--you're kind of on a time limit. If the bartenders notice that you have no been in a little bit, they'll put a napkin in your cup--if it's been a while the napkin is in there--you're moving UPSTAIRS to storage.

You're not officially retired when that happens, but you don't get to be on the wall. There's a room above Bar Bill with TONS of glasses that fill the wall--I believe around 4,000 of them! If you are in the can still get your mug for use-- but, you still get the boot from being on the main wall!

Note: The different color paper doesn't mean anything.