High Valley are set to release a full-length album, Dear Life, and they're letting fans hear one of the tracks in a very different setting in this installment of the Farmhouse Sessions.

"Memory Makin'" is an up-tempo, feel-good track from the sibling duo of Brad and Curtis Rempel. Brad wrote the song with High Valley producer Seth Mosley and Ben Stennis during a beach vacation with their families, and as he explains to Taste of Country, it was inspired by the time with his own family.

"I'm hanging out there with my boys, throwing the football, hannging out in the ocean and the pools, just trying to make the best memories with them while they're young," he says. "That's where the idea for 'Memory Makin'' came from. How do we soak up ... there's lyrics in it that say 'bottle up the moment,' and that's what we were trying to do. How do we bottle up the exact moments with our family that we're having?"

That kind of sentiment comes easily for Rempel.

"I may be too over the top," he admits. "Every day I wake up and try and think, 'What can we do together as a family today that we'll remember forever?' That's how my wife and I were when we were dating, and that's how we are even now, trying to still date while we're married. I was really, really proud and thrilled when 'Memory Makin'' made the record."

The brothers perform the song acoustically in the clip above, which is exclusive to Taste of Country. Recorded in a shed at a turn-of-the-century farmhouse that Rempel has been restoring and turning into a studio, the back-to-basics arrangement is reminiscent of the way they first learned to play music in their native Canada, where they grew up in a rural area without television and often passed the time by jamming with their family.

"Mostly we played in the kitchen and in the living room area, just whatever had the best acoustics," he recalls. "You'd just grab a guitar, and pretty soon me and my brothers and sisters, my mom and dad, we'd all be singing together. The whole point of this 'Memory Makin'' Farmhouse Session was to capture that very innocent, very basic way of making music."

High Valley are veterans of the Canadian music scene, but Dear Life -- which is set for release on Nov. 18 via Atlantic -- is their first full-length release stateside. They've already made inroads with "Make You Mine," which has made the Top 30 at country radio, and

Dear Life is currently available for pre-order via iTunes. "Memory Makin'" is one of the instant gratification tracks fans will get when they pre-order, along with "Make You Mine," "She's With Me" and the project's title song.

High Valley Share Story Behind "Dear Life"

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