I was honored to be a food judge again this year at the 30th annual Taste of Buffalo. Fifty restaurants, wineries, food trucks, entertainment -- it's one of Buffalo's glorious summertime events, and the weather was perfect. The Taste of Buffalo also ranks as the largest two-day food festival in the country.

Each food judge is asked to try all the items at five restaurants, so that means 20 items, and at each stand, I plead for them to just give me a sample...just a taste...but each time, I get a full portion of every item. So I might have to form a team to help me next year.

Among the restaurants I was assigned were BW's BBQ, May Jen Chinese Restaurant, Landies Candies, Merge and Louie's Hot Dogs. If you twisted my arm to give a favorite, it would be a tie between BW's and May Jen. They both get two thumbs up from me. I also tried Lloyd's Taco Truck. The lines were especially long for all of the food trucks over the weekend.

And there's always live entertainment at the Taste of Buffalo. A tradition has been for the Gordon Highlanders bagpipe and drum corps to lead the opening parade, and they do some performances on the opening day. They've been around since 1837. I noticed one of their pipers was pretty young. Turns out he's 14 years old and has been playing since he was 12.

Hard to believe one of the premier events of summertime in Buffalo is over for another year!