I love new gadgets.  New stuff that makes life easier really interests me.  It's always the "why didn't I think of that" factor.  But this one...I'm not sure I'm on board with.

While I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across this post showing a rod-less reel for fishing.

It's easy to look at that and say, "Well that's ridiculous!  Why would anyone need anything like that."

But then think about how much less space it would take up.  And why do you really need a rod anyway?

It's true...you really wouldn't need a rod.  This probably wouldn't work as well for fly fishing, but to just get a line in the water, it might do the trick.

Then...you see the price.  $99??  For real?  For a reel?

Now, in all fairness, I haven't used this so it might just be a little tough to conceptualize how easy it is to use, BUT...it doesn't look easier.  It does look like I would accidentally throw it in the lake probably minutes after I started fishing with it.

What do you think?  Is this product the future of fishing?

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