This is despicable. A whole community may suffer due to the actions of a few criminals. I'm thankful for all the stories about heroic people during the blizzard because I lose a little faith in humanity when I hear stories like this. A community might lose a grocery store due to people looting it during the historic storm.

Aldi Store In Maryland
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There's nothing cute or funny about breaking into a store and stealing things while law enforcement is unavailable. But that's what allegedly happened at the ALDI at 998 Broadway in Buffalo.

Just read some of the comments in the Facebook post above. The actions of these few bad apples will now reflect on an entire community. Unfortunately, the criminal element affects the whole area and all the good people in it. I get really pissed off thinking about how selfish people negatively affect law-abiding residents who were just trying to stay alive during the blizzard.

We just spent the better part of 2022 discussing food deserts in communities in Buffalo and why grocery chains chose not to go into certain neighborhoods. I have shopped at that store quite a few times since it is close to the radio station. Aldi is not only known for its affordable prices, but it also offers organic, gluten-free, and vegan prices to shoppers who might have a hard time finding them in other neighborhood grocery stores. We talk about how important health is and then looters close a grocery store that actually has healthy options (I shop at ALDI frequently and I personally know they offer lots of healthy options, including fresh produce).

German Discount Grocery Chain Aldi Makes Major Inroads In U.S.
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According to WBFO, the CEO of ALDI, a German-based grocery chain, has not yet decided if the store will remain closed. If it does, Broadway Market and Save-A-Lot, which were also looted, will be the only grocery options in the area. We'll never be able to secure high-quality food and grocery stores in our communities if people will loot them the first chance they get. It's heartbreaking that a whole community might have to suffer. It's embarrassing that this even happened.

At least 9 people have been arrested for looting various stores in Buffalo during the storm. These ***** (I have some choice names for them, that I can't say in this article) are the reason so many good people in Buffalo have to suffer from no shopping or sub-par options.

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