With the arrival of spring in New York State, the state government is in full swing to try and pass a budget for the new fiscal year.

In the Empire State, the governmental financial year runs from April 1st to March 31st of the following year and our state representatives spend a large chunk of the first 3 months of the calendar year trying to figure out our statewide financial priorities. Once the state finishes up its budget, then eyes in the state quickly turn toward local and county governments as they are the next to set their budget priorities for the year.

The City of Buffalo's budget year runs from July 1st to June 30th of the following year and that's when the Mayor and Common Council begin to craft the city's spending plan.

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Officials from the Common Council are seeking your opinion about what the city should spend our money on. It also appears that in addition to participatory budgeting that is being requested, a city of Buffalo committee, the Citizens Salary Review Commission, is also suggesting that server city officials receive a pay raise in the new year.

What Is The Citizens Salary Review Commission?

According to the City of Buffalo Charter, the governing document for City Law, the City is required to maintain a panel of 10 citizens in Buffalo whose job it is to review the salaries of all elected city officers, including members of the board of education, and report its recommendations to the common council by May 1 of that year. The primary purpose of the commission is to ensure that lawmakers and other elected officials are paid fairly.

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That report, when its made to the Common Council, will detail the findings of the commission and make a recommendation on what should change, if anything.

How Much Of A Raise Could Officials Receive In Buffalo?

This year's report details that city elected officials should receive at least a 12% raise in the coming year.

If approved as it stands, the Mayor's salary would increase from $158,500 to $178,518.55 annually, while salaries for members of the Common Council would increase from $75,000 to $84,472.50 per year.

In total, these raises would cost taxpayers an additional $137,409.90 this year. You can read the entire report here on the City of Buffalo website.

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