A Tim Hortons' manager in Niagara Falls was brutally attacked in the restaurant by three females while she doing her job. The two women seen in the video below beat the 42-year-old victim up after a verbal argument with a teen. The assault took place at the Tim Hortons on Pine Avenue in Niagara Falls on Sunday, May 28, 2023.

Credit: WGRZ via Youtube

According to WGRZ, the two women allegedly involved in the attack are 37-year-old Brittny Robinson and 30-year-old Brionna Harris. They have been charged with Gang Assault in the 2nd degree. A 13-year-old girl was also charged in the attack.

The teen's case will be handled by family court. Niagara Falls Police Department Captain, John Conti, explained to WGRZ why the women were charged with Gang Assault,

The gang assault portion just refers to the level of the assault, which is considered a serious physical injury, and the fact that there were more than two people participating in the actual attack and injury. It's got nothing to do with anybody belonging to a gang. It just refers to the number of people that were participating in the incident.

The manager had asked a group of teens that came into the store to leave since they did not have an adult with them. The Pine Ave. restaurant has a policy that teens must be accompanied by an adult. After a verbal altercation, one of the girls in the group returned to the store with the two women.

Thanks to this situation the store's dining room will close at 2 pm and the restaurant will close at 8 pm.

Victim Of Brutal Tim Hortons Attack In Niagara Falls Speaks Out

The victim was hospitalized for treatment. She was initially taken to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center where a brain bleed was discovered. She says she spent a few days in the South Buffalo Mercy Hospital ICU. The 42-year-old store manager, Elizabeth Arvelo, told WIVB,

All I planned on doing that day was going to work, taking care of my shift, making sure my employees were good and going home.


Credit: WVIB via Youtube

Thankfully, she wasn't killed by the three women jumping her.

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