If you are feeling a bit frisky and looking to drop your trucks, there are a couple of spots where you can do that here in New York.

As the weather heats up more and more people want to cool off with a quick dip in some water. Want to feel even cooler? Here are a couple of places you can take a dip in your Birthday Suit.

WARNING - Before heading out to these spots, know that in New York State you can be fined or arrested for being naked in public, so please swim at your own risk. 

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Check Out 5 Places To Swim Nude In New York

1 - Copperas Pond in North Elba - Copperas Pond is part of a campground in the Adirondacks.  Clothing is optional so chances are you will see some nude swimmers.

ÃÂé Nicole S. Young
ÃÂé Nicole S. Young

2. - Potters Falls in Ithaca - Technically swimming of any kind is illegal at Potter Falls but you will see plenty of people cooling off in the water. Plus because of the remote location, it is not out of the question to see some nude sunbathers and swimmers enjoying all that nature has to offer.


3. Skinny Dip Falls in Westfield - The name says it all. When you get to the parking lot at Skinny Dip Falls you must follow a dirt road to a cottage. From there you will see a sign for the Nudist area. Feel free to shed those clothes and enjoy sunshine all over your body.


4. Juniper Woods Campground - Known as a nudist camp, many people here hang out, swim, and play in the buff. It is clothes optional, so that means you will also see plenty of people wearing clothes too

Three young women smiling on beach, portrait, close-up
Kraig Scarbinsky

5. Steph's Pond in Williamson - Steph's Pond is a private swimming and sunbathing area that allows activities to be performed in the nude. Since this is private property, you have to make a reservation before heading out for a quick skinny dip.

Sergey Peterman

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