There is good news for outdoor enthusiasts across New York State heading into the weekend.

It looks like the change in the winds and possible rain showers will help improve the air quality across the state.

Over the past week due to the smoke from wildfires in Canada, the air quality in New York was in the unhealthy zone.

With changes in the winds and weather fronts, it looks like smoke from the wildfires won't have the same impact across the state, making for a major improvement in the air quality.

For today and into the weekend, most of the state will have moderate to good air quality. Western New York and areas around New York City and Long Island will remain unhealthy for people in sensitive groups.

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This could change heading into next week as the wildfires continue to burn in Canada.

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More than 6 million acres of trees have already been lost to the wildfires.

Looking at the current smoke map of the wildfires, we are still seeing some of that move across parts of New York. It looks like Rochester and central New York will be most affected by the smoke today.

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For the latest smoke map, you can click HERE.

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