The day before Thanksgiving is considered one of the biggest party days of the year in Western New York.

The simple reason is that more and more people are back in town for the Thanksgiving break.

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College kids are coming back home for their break and to spend Thanksgiving with their families.

People who have moved out of town are back home for the holidays and plenty of people here in Western New York have Thanksgiving dinner in the early afternoon so they come back on Tuesday night or Wednesday afternoon.

People who live here know they have the next day off and chances they have Friday off too so they know they can go out and have a good time.

But will there be any place to go?

Western New York is recovering from a historic snowstorm that packed a wholp over the weekend. Some city and towns were still trying to dig themselves out as of Tuesday night.

So will the bars be open? As of this writing YES! The travel ban has been lifted all over Western New York. The streets have been plowed and the downtown scene is ready for the influx of people.

If you plan on going out in the City or the Northtowns you should be alright. If you are planning on partying in the Southtowns, you might want to double-check that the place you want to party is open. Many businesses have reopened but some are still closed waiting for cleanup crews to clear parking lots.

Overall, the biggest party day in Western New York is a go!

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