There is nothing better than a great hamburger, but what if that hamburger was 100 feet tall?

Yep, a massive hamburger could be on the way to Hamburgh New York.

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It started several years ago when a group of local residents came together with the idea of painting the water tower in Hamburg that can be seen from the 90 like a massive hamburger.

The group formed a non-profit and were working with town officials to raise money to paint the water tower.

So where does the plan stand? Well, as of this writing the group is still accepting donations to raise enough money to paint the water tower. The group "Hamburger Water Tower Project" re-launched its fundraising efforts in 2022, but they have not posted anything on its Facebook page since December 6th of 2022.

I live out that way and every time we drive past the water tower, my wife and I say how cool it would be to see a massive hamburger towering in the sky over the 90. We used to live in the south and we would drive past a huge water tower painted like a peach and it was something we always talked about. A 100-foot hamburger would definitely get people talking.

The website for the non-profit raising money is still active and you can make a donation HERE.

Check out the plans for the water tower, this would be a showstopper for sure and I can almost guarantee that people would stop to take pictures and help bring in tourism dollars to the area.

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