One of the more tedious tasks of owning a car in New York may get some changes if a bill passes.

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In New York, all car owners must get and pass a state vehicle inspection every single year. Otherwise, their car is not sup[posed to be on the road. Some states have long terms and less restrictive inspections, but that's how it is in the Empire State. Many people groan at having to have it done and pay the $21, every year. It's something we've all grown used to though.

One of the difficult pat of state inspections is remembering when to do it. While there is a sticker on every vehicle with the month it expire punched out on it, it's very easy to forget. This leads to many getting tickets and having to pay even more than just the inspection fee.

You can have reminders sent to you through the NYS DMV portal, but you have to opt-in for those notifications.

That, however, may be changed if a law in the New York State Senate is passed.

Bill Number S1242 is currently being debated in the State Assembly. The law would require the DMV to give everyone notice that their inspection is expiring 30 days before so. The bill would also give everyone a 5-day grace period after their registration expires. All of this is to prevent unnecessary fines. The bill gives justification for the change:

For many over-worked, busy New Yorkers, the last thing on their mind is getting their vehicle re-inspected. The first time they realize their vehicle inspection has expired is when they return to their parked car to find a hefty $65 ticket issued by a parking enforcement agent.

This bill would definitely help a lot of people avoid fines and keep their inspections up to date. What do you think about this idea?

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