The 2024 Gateway Harbor Concert Series returns to the Tonowandas this summer.

Western New York has plenty of concerts coming to the area this summer. There's only one problem: they are expensive. Even if you wanted to see them all, affording it would be near impossible. Tickets commonly cost several hundreds of dollars for not even particularly good seats. That's not to say you shouldn't go, but if you love live music it makes it difficult to choose.

The good news? A big free concert series is coming back this summer.

The 2024 Gateway Harbor Concert Series

Some of Western New York's (and beyond) biggest bands will be taking the stage at 2 locations beginning in June. The concerts are on select Wednesday nights a Gateway Harbor Park in North Tonawanda and Friday Nights on Canal Street in Tonawanda. Take a look at the flyer!

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For more info, click:

Concert Calendar for Niagara Region and Western New York

A list of all the major and notable concerts coming to the area. At least, so far anyway.

Gallery Credit: Getty Images

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