As country music's popularity continues to spread across the globe, many artists are experiencing new cultures and traditions as they journey to far off lands to perform their music. This can open the door to some bizarre behavior, like Australia's affinity for the shoey.

What Is a Shoey?

For those unfamiliar with the term, a shoey simply means drinking from a shoe. Yes, that's right — a shoe. As far as Google goes, there isn't a right or wrong way to perform a shoey. One simply removes their shoe, pours their drink into it and gulps it down.

There are no guidelines to what kind of shoe or what type of drink, nor is there a rule as to how much one must consume.

There just has to be a drink and a shoe. Ideally, there would also be a large crowd cheering in the background; otherwise, what's the point?

Do Country Artists Do Shoeys?

Although there are no traditional rules for a shoey, it has become common for country artists to chug a beer from a boot when they are touring in Australia. In fact, according to Australian native Morgan Evans, crowds will chant "shoey" in the middle of a show until the artist completes the task.

"They yell it out — like 20,000 people yell this out," he explains in an interview. "And if you're on stage and you don't do it, you get booed."

So, what's worse — chugging a beer from your own boot or getting booed while on stage? For the artists below, the answer was getting booed. Keep scrolling to see the top shoeys in country music.

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    Bailey Zimmerman

    Traditionally, a shoey is done with a cowboy boot; however, since "shoe" is the root word, any form of footwear will do. Bailey Zimmerman opts to use his sneaker in this video, which may or may not taste worse than a boot. After receiving a beer from the crowd - note his impeccable beer-catching skills - he walks center stage to chug his drink. There's a moment of hesitation before he swallows, but he finishes his drink off with pride.

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    Kacey Musgraves

    Kacey Musgraves takes the phrase "raise a glass" to a whole new place of a glass slipper. She raises the Cinderella-esque heel into the air before tipping it back, much to the delight of the crowd. Honestly, this might be the classiest shoey in the history of country music. There's a new level here as she downs her drink.

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    Zach Bryan

    Zach Bryan used his fancy ankle boots for his shoey. Knowing it may not be a pleasant experience, he works quickly to finish the task. He pours his beer in and immediately drinks it - not letting it marinate in the shoe itself. The look on his face afterward says, "I'll never do that again."

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    Megan Moroney

    In what is likely the most sophisticated shoey ever recorded, Megan Moroney downs her beer with finesse. Lit by soft purple light, she takes one sip and gently flips her hair out of her face before tipping her boot back to polish it off. She then checks to make sure she didn't dribble down the front of her dress.

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    Nate Smith

    Nate Smith gets points for enthusiasm here. Not only was he super excited to down his shoey, he leads the crowd in a quick sing-a-long before he chugs his beer. There must be quite a bit of beer in that shoe because it feels like an eternity that he's got that boot tipped back. He also receives points for his epic foam mustache at the end.

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    Lainey Wilson

    During her first visit to Australia, Lainey Wilson experienced much of what the country had to offer, but nothing could have prepared her for a shoey. She roped a band member in to do it with her as she stalled, questioning her sanity. At last she shouts "Holler and swaller" and chugs it down. After her first swig, she goes in for another one to polish it off.

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    Kane Brown

    Kane Brown gave everyone a show when he did a shirtless shoey. To confirm, the only thing required for a shoey is a shoe - not a shirt. The country singer enthusiastically gulped down his beer, spilling just a little bit. He had that boot tipped back for a while, leaving some to believe it was an entire beer in that boot. Brown gave up trying to finish it after the second drink and instead poured the rest down his back.

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    Luke Bryan

    Luke Bryan not only did a shoey during a show in Sydney, he did a shoey with someone else's shoe. After getting the singer's attention, a fan throws their boot onto the stage as the crowd chants "shoey, shoey." He smells the boot and then motions for a his crew to bring him a beer. Deciding that one is not enough, he asks for another. Bryan throws the boot back, spilling beer everywhere and then proceeds to throw the half-full beer back to its original owner.

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    Morgan Wallen and Hardy

    Morgan Wallen and Hardy tag-teamed their shoeys, much to the crowd's delight. Not wasting any time, the two throw down their beers as flames shoot up around them on stage and their guitar player adds a heavy metal guitar riff in the background. Wallen and Hardy then toss their boots into the crowd before high-fiving one another. The pair seemed to welcome the challenge.

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    Luke Combs

    Hands down, no one does a shoey like Luke Combs. The country singer is known for shot-gunning beers - in three gulps or less - at his shows, so it's not surprising he can put away a beer from a boot. He's also a bit of an expert when it comes to the tradition, having done it multiple times. He simply chugs the beer and then tosses the boot aside before walking up to the microphone. Just like a pro!

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