There was a lot to cover during Sunday night’s (April 30) episode of American Idol, including live voting, themed music selections and results of who will be advancing to the Top 10.

Before learning their fate, contestants were asked to take the stage for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Night and offer up their takes on iconic rock songs. For her selection, Marybeth Byrd went with arguably one of the most well-known songs on the planet, Abba’s “Dancing Queen.”

Before she took the stage, Byrd was able to meet with American Idol alum Adam Lambert to talk about how she was going to deliver the song. Lambert helped her work through some more confident stage movements and break out of her head.

This was well received by Byrd, who explained that she wants to get out there and “channel whatever the heck Adam Lambert has going on."

"I want America to see me have fun and just to let go," she continued.

Confidence was definitely on the singer’s mind as she took the stage in a sparkling jumpsuit complete with feather bell-bottoms, fully encompassing the 1976 aesthetic of the song. While Byrd didn’t move around the stage too much, she did offer more dance moves than we’ve seen during previous weeks.

The new sparkly look prompted judge Luke Bryan to say that all his “country kids” had gone full blown Hollywood, though he gave Byrd praise for infusing her own country elements and style into the classic song. Following suit, Katy Perry offered Byrd some congratulations for continuing to push herself into the “next evolved version” of what she can accomplish. The pop star went on to likening the Idol hopeful's look to a glammed up Dolly Parton meets Abba vision.

At the end of the show it was announced that all of Bryan's "country kids" were advancing to the next stage of the competition. Byrd claimed the last spot in the Top 10.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8PM ET on ABC.

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