Jake Owen is a Southern boy through and through. Born in Vero Beach, Florida, the 'Beachin'' singer's speech is what you would expect from ... well, a beach boy. Now, his daughter, Pearl, is starting to pick up Daddy's vocabulary.

Like all toddlers, Owen's 16-month-old is a little sponge, absorbing everything around her. Hilariously, the 'Days of Gold' singer and his wife are noticing the words she's most commonly using: surfer words.

“She’ll say, ‘Hey dude, totally,’ ” Owen's wife, Lacey, shares.

That sounds about right, considering Owen's Florida roots. Pearl has also picked up the word "alright" from her parents. "She’ll say, ‘Alright,'" the singer spills. “'Hey Pearl, you wanna eat?' She’ll go, ‘Alright.’ ”

Pearl, who was born on Thanksgiving 2012, is getting so big that she's even climbing into her high chair on her own and developing quite the little personality. Her parents describe her as a little "wild," which Lacey insists is a trait she got straight from her father.

“She’s wild, not from me,” she admits, referring to Owen, “She must have gotten that from you. I was a very good little baby. You’re wild."

Owen and company will soon hit the road Days of Gold Tour, which kicks off March 20 in South Dakota. Full dates for the 2014 tour are listed here.