Our thanks to Tim Krantz, his family and all the staff at C. J. Krantz Organics on Smith Road in East Amherst for their hospitality when we did our show there earlier this week.  The stuff we learned about top soil, compost and mulch!

I always wondered where landscapers and contractors take all that yard waste that they pile into their trucks and trailers.  All the grass clippings, leaves, old tree limbs, branches and bushes end up at places like C. J. Krantz where they have big grinding machines to convert it into mulch.

Years ago when Tim's grandfather started his top soil business that was just about all he dealt with - dirt.  But now mulch has become big business and we saw that in the few hours we were there with a steady stream of trucks coming and going dropping off yard waste and picking up mulch.I had an opportunity to join Dustin on a delivery of compost to a home a short distance away from the C. J. Krantz facility.  This is what it was like. 

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